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Name:Star Trek Genderswap
Location:San Francisco, California, United States of America
Website:Star Trek Genderswap
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for fans of Star Trek genderswap
This is the Dreamwidth mirror community of [ profile] st_genderswap.

This is a community for fans of Star Trek genderswap fiction, art, vids, and more.

What Is Genderswap?

There are two main types of genderswap: stories in which a character switches sex (usually temporarily) due to some scientific or supernatural incident, and AU stories in which a character has always been a different sex than s/he is in canon.

We accept both kinds.

We also accept bodyswap fics in which characters change bodies with a character of the opposite sex.

Which Star Trek 'verses?

All of them! TOS, AOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, the animated series, the books, you name it, you can post it.

We also accept crossovers, as long as at least one character from the Star Trek universe(s) appears in it. The Star Trek character does not necessarily have to be the genderswapped character in crossovers, although it is preferred.

What Can I Post Here?

Fanfiction, fanvids, fanart, graphics, picspams, rec posts, meta... All we ask is that it involves both Star Trek and genderswap, and that you respect those with slower connection speeds by placing all videos and art behind the cut. (Thumbnails and up to five (5) icon samples are okay to post above the cut.)

We accept all characters, pairings, ratings, and genres.

Please contact the moderator ([personal profile] sasha_davidovna) before advertising communities, ficathons, or similar.

Anything else I need to know?

Please use appropriate warnings on all adult content and avoid female character bashing. (There are places you can do that, including your own private journal. This is not one of them.)

Otherwise, play nice and have fun!


I'd like to thank [personal profile] liviapenn for her awesome Gender-Reversed Star Trek 2009 Cast Picspam, which has eaten my brain and without which this community would not exist. The community's default icon was made by her and can be found in this post.


[ profile] kirk_mccoy
[ profile] spock_uhura
[ profile] startrekart
[ profile] tosfic
[ profile] trek_ot3
[ profile] trekfics

Please comment on this post if you are interested in affiliating with the comm.

Other Links of Interest

Star Trek 2009 Genderswap Masterlist, compiled by [personal profile] originalpuck
Filled Genderbend prompts at the [profile] st_xi_kink
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